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This is Snake.

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[ BEEP. ]
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Type: FIRE
Height: 1'08"
Nature: Bold
Ability: White Smoke
Moves: Ember, Withdraw, Smog, Curse
Met at: New Bark Town
Bio: Boss is a very bossy Torkoal that became Snake's starter during his second appearance in Route. The Torkoal will always press his head against Snake's leg and try to push him to get his attention. Has a nasty habit of eating Snake's cigarettes.

(Note: Only the starter will have this fancy coding. The rest will not have fancy coding.)
(Coding thanks to [personal profile] copycat!)

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In the Backpack
-- octo-camo
-- 3 changes of undergarments
-- 1 washcloth, 2 towels (one small, one larger), 1 toothbrush, 1 travel-sized pack of toothpaste
-- clothes line, 6 clothes pins, and rubber gloves
-- Trainer Handbook
-- 1 sleeping bag

Useful Items
-- 1 PokéGear
-- 7 Potions
-- 1 Repel, 1 MaxRepel
-- 1 Escape Rope
-- 4 PokéBalls

Cash Money
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Name: Hebby
Personal Journal: [personal profile] hebbycakes
AIM/MSN: AIM: hebbycakes
Timezone: UTC+09:00 Seoul (until mid January)

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Mar. 11th, 2015 01:41 pm
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Testing out this
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[ It had taken way longer to get here than initially intended. First off, Snake was surprised to see that damn tree was no longer in the way, so it meant he didn't have to go down to Azalea (yet). He would if he wanted to get the badge, but that'd come later... He still hadn't beaten Falkner, and honestly didn't feel like it at the moment. Felt better to just get out and traveling.

Unfortunately, he had to do it on one of the hottest days for traveling. This Summer had been pretty mild for the most part, but it seemed as soon as August rolled around, the real heat came out to play. Though it might have also seemed worse because Snake had basically quit smoking and everything was worse after that. Stumbling over to a nearby bench, Snake sprawled on it, looking entirely too eager to sit down. He and Otacon had ridden to Goldenrod on S2's back, and after a while, it actually became a literally pain in the ass. But now they were able to relax, despite Snake having flashbacks to how long he had been in Goldenrod before, and god had he not missed the music. He flipped open his Gear, checking for any updates. ]

I heard something about Free Ice Cream? I could use that... [ He smiled at Otacon. ] For you, too, I know.

Oh yeah... [ He held up another Pokéball. ] Caught another one. This time it's a... bug. Dragonfly? It's called a Yanma or something like that. [ A smirk. ] Flying beats Bug, at least that hasn't changed.
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Hey, I figured I should have an HMD post for this guy. If you have any concerns or constructive crit, please leave it here. Anonymous posting is acceptable. Please note that any flames will be deleted, and if you're going to leave crit, at least make sure it's constructive crit. Telling me what I'm doing wrong and then not helping me to fix it is not the best way to help a person out.

I will try to get back to you when I can. :) My plurk is hebbycakes but I can respond a lot more quickly to PMs.

anon comments will be screened
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[ When the gear feed flicks on, viewers will find a big Ampharos face on-screen. After a view moments, Asimov backs up and lets out a cheerful sound before turning the gear towards an egg. There are other Pokemon around it: Boss the Torkoal and Starla-Jazz the Starly. ]

Okay, I got the Gear on.

About time.

Hey, Boss! Be nice! This is our first egg-sitting job! What kind of attitude is that?

I never wanted to egg-sit. You guys forced me into it.

[ Starla looks pretty miffed, her feathers all ruffled. ] Because we all need to be in this together. Dave trusted us with taking care of this egg and helping it hatch! We can't let him down.

[ Boss smirked, lowering his head a bit. ] More like dumped it on us and took off.

[ Seeing that things were getting out of hand, Asimov raised a hand. ] Okay, okay, guys! Let's focus on the task at hand. This egg needs a lot of love and we're the only ones that Snake can count on! Are you with me?

I am, Asi!


.... Oooor we could ask other Pokémon if they know what to do about raising an egg...?

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[ Snake had never been to one of Falkner's Aerial Shows. He wasn't sure if this had been an option when he'd first come here, but now that he was here, and with a new Pokémon to boot, it seemed like a pretty good idea to go see.

After all, he'd be taking this guy on someday. Probably not immediately, but it'd happen. The old soldier invited Otacon along with him, since he knew that Otacon would like to see an Aerial Show featuring Pokémon.

Snake wasn't sure how many people around the region had seen Falkner's show, so he left his Gear recording the show. Had there been a sign against it? Hell if he knew, he didn't really care.

So the show went on, Falkner expertly ordering his Flying-Types to soar through the sky, performing various tricks to please and wow the audience. On Snake's shoulder sat his newest Flying-Type, a level 7 Starly. It chirped in delight as it watched the show. Snake looked over at Otacon. ]

If you ask me, this guy's just showing off... Since he's the Gym Leader here. If you challenged him, you wouldn't have to pay to watch his Pokémon fly around... Though I guess if you lost, you'd lose some money.

[ Looking toward the gear, Snake asked a question. ] Not sure what to call this bird... It's a Starly, and a female, according to my Pokédex. Any ideas for a nickname?
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[ Snake had started to wish that he'd believed the various people telling him something weird was going on. Ash had been mentioning the lack of newbies in New Bark Town, other people mentioned the shift in weather, or how their Pokémon had been acting weird...

But Snake had just blocked it all out. He'd been too concerned with traveling to Violet City. It had been a long trek, and the weather had been too hot for that kind of traveling... It made it much longer, considering all the breaks he and Otacon took. His old body just couldn't make the trip in this heat... And it could have been because he was really sick of Violet City, despite having never been there this time around. So what should have been a single week ended up taking nearly two...

But throughout all of that, Snake hadn't taken to heart anything anyone had been saying, and now as a large Gekko loomed before him, the old soldier was wishing he'd paid a little more attention.

The creature let out a large "mooo", lifting up a single leg and attempting to slam it down on Snake. Luckily, Snake had started wearing his sneaking suit under his clothes, allowing him to perform difficult actions a bit easier... David let out a grunt, running back from the creature and dodge-rolling in order to avoid that foot. A cloud of dust and dirt flew up into the air, and the Irving readied its machine gun, trying to find Snake in the cloud.

It began to scan the area, looking for specific heat signatures... Yet finding none. The old man couldn't have gone far, but it didn't even appear to exist anymore! Letting out a disappointed sounding "moo", the Gekko turned around and began to slowly walk down the road, scanning around and searching out a new target. ]


[ Once the cloud had cleared, if one looked closely, they might notice the dirt-shaped man lying on the ground. Feeling that the Gekko had walked far enough, Snake slowly pushed himself up off the ground, the octo-camo reverting to its natural state. He let out an exhale, and pulled out his Gear and made a video post. ]

This is Snake. If you know what's good for you, stay away from Violet City and the surrounding area... We've got Gekko.

[ He knew he'd taken QUITE A GAMBLE on whether or not his octo-camo would work or not, but since it DID, he'd taken a quick check of his inventory and found his M4 Custom. It wouldn't do much against a Gekko, but it was at least SOMETHING. He just hoped no one would come to Violet, especially since it was THIS time of year... ]

[ooc: IGNORE SNAKE'S WARNINGS, EVERYONE'S ALLOWED \8D/ It might be pretty funny if people mistake it for a Pokemon because LOOK AT IT. IT'S A GIANT THING THAT MOOS. Also how did Snake throw off all his outer clothes before using his octocamo? ... WHO CARES METAL GEAR WE DON'T ASK THESE KINDS OF QUESTIONS ]
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[ Right square in the middle of Cherrygrove City, Snake is staring down his Torkoal, Boss, who appears to have... something... in his mouth. It looks square-shaped, and it's glimmering somewhat in the sunlight. The old soldier takes a hesitant step forward. ]

C'mon, Boss... Don't do this.

[ Boss clamps his mouth tighter around the object, causing Snake to freeze up. ] No, don't! [ Aaand... gulp. The mysterious box is gone forever, swallowed by the large fire-tortoise. ]


[ Snake pulls out his Pokégear, creating a video post. ]


[ He looks a bit... nervous. ] Hey, uh... Say, hypothetically, that a Pokémon swallowed a ... hypothetical pack of cigarettes. Would that... hypothetical Pokémon be harmed in any way?

... Hypothetically.
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[ When Snake turns on the video feed, the first thing people might notice is that the big ancient buildings of Mahogany Town are nowhere to be seen. In fact, things look like they would from people who were newbies and making a post for the first time.

Snake was no newbie... he was just back in newbie-ville, so to speak. The old soldier gave a bit of a smile. ]

Going to start from the bottom and work my way up. I'm going to make myself useful again... And I'll continue to get stronger. I can't stay in Mahogany anymore.

But I'll always be here and you can contact me any time. I need to do this... before I lose my will to do anything anymore.

[ It's obvious that he's directing his words to someone in particular, but he doesn't want to just message them. ]

Back to New Bark Town... Already been a long time since I've seen this place. Not a bad place to relax, either. [ SUDDENLY A BIG ONIX FACE NUDGES INTO SNAKE making a pitiful crooning sound. ] Nngh... Oh yeah, my team's pretty bummed out that the prom's done... It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be.
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[ Snake had missed Tenten's birthday, but then again, he wasn't much of a birthday kind of guy anyway. What was a lot more important to him was the fact that Otacon was finally in Mahogany... It felt a bit weird to see him. He wasn't sure if he was entirely over what happened a few years ago in this place, but it wasn't fair to blame this Otacon for that stuff.

What Snake didn't know was that his Bloober had gucked up the PokeGear, which made it nearly impossible to turn it off once it was on video, so it was either always video-recording, or always audio-recording. The best way to stop it was to muffle it under a bunch of things.

For now, Snake is standing just outside a cafe, avoiding the rain overhead, smoking a cigarette. Otacon was nearby... Snake had plans to give him Asimov, but he didn't want to disappoint the Ampharos. It would probably feel sad about it all. For the moment, the old soldier holds up his Pokegear and speaks into it. ]

Anyone have any recommendations for cleaning out a PokeGear that's been infused with Bloober goo? It's really nasty... I'm not sure how to go about cleaning it without just tossing it in a river. Any input would be appreciated, as long as it's not stupid.

[ Because Snake is really the best judge of that. And then he remembers something. ]

Sorry for missing your party, Tenten. Maybe next time.
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[ It was time... Time to get off his ass and inform Otacon of the things he wishes he could forget. What the previous Otacon had been up to, why Snake felt uncomfortable being in contact with his best friend.

He had to do this or the guilt would eat him alive. Sitting in a restaurant so that there was some background noise, Snake pulled out the Pokegear, making a call to Otacon. ]

Otacon... This is Snake. I need to talk to you.



Heather, we need to talk.
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[ Snake's looking a little uncertain when the video feed starts. He's outside, a scarf around his neck with his usual coat on... No point in using the sneaking suit here, even if it DID insulate him a lot better from the cold. ]

So... Today's Valentine's Day, huh?

[ He looks very eager about it. That is to say not. In fact, sliming up his shoulder appears to be one of those... bloober things. ]

Do girls like these? They're cute, I guess, but they sure picked a hell of a day to appear on...

[ It looks at Snake, then presses itself against his cheek, to which he visibly grimaces. ]


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[ Hello, Mahogany. Snake is feeling better than he has in weeks, truth be told. Plus, it was a sunny day and it was pretty damn hot out, too. He couldn't really ask for more, but the sun agitated him a bit so he was just gonna catch some of the shade under this box.


So anyone catching this video is going to notice that it's quite dark and pretty close to old-man-face. ]

... Hn. Kind of nostalgic. [ Smirk. ] This is Snake. Getting out some practice again... Haven't really had the time or the need to do any stealth training. I've got all the experience I need, but it never hurts to dust off the old skills.

[ Suddenly, everything shakes. Snake looks alarmed, and there's a muffled crooning sound from outside... wherever Snake is. ]


[ The crooning becomes louder and the shaking intensifies until suddenly VOOP! There's bright sunlight, Snake lets out a growled cry as everything is flipped upside down and he lands on his back-- and there's a giant Onix face stuffing itself into the camera feed. ]

Dammit, Solid--... S2! I told you, not while I'm in the box!

[ ... oh. "S2" doesn't appear to hear Snake at all, instead nuzzling the camera, and then suddenly it moves to the old soldier, and by the sounds of Snake's grunting, nuzzles were had by him, too. ]
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[ Snake is sitting outside under a tree. The weather's a bit chilly, and he's wearing a very ugly sweater with torkoal and hot chocolate on it, as well as a scarf around his neck. His head is leaning back against the tree, and his bandanna is blowing lightly in the wind.

But the sweater isn't the surprising part... It's what appears to be a baby rock snake curled up in his lap. The expression on Snake's face is a mixture of calm and discomfort... It probably didn't feel too good to have a bundle of rocks lying on your lap.

In his right hand, there's a Pokeball with a small label stuck onto it, though it's too hard to make out from a distance. Boss wanders out from behind the tree, now a formidable size, but his level was only about 10 or so. Snake had been slacking.

With a grunt, he reaches his hand into his pocket, pulling out the gear and flicking it on. His face is tired, but other than that, he looks well. ]

Boss get over here-- Oh, uh... [ He clears his throat. ] Looks like if you caught one of those flying deer, you didn't get to keep it... No flying types for me, I guess. [ A bit of a smirk and he points the video down at the snoozing Onix in his lap. ]

Instead I got this guy... Just an egg, but he hatched a few days ago. He's getting bigger every day, too... Soon he won't be able to sit on me like this without killing me, I think. [ Despite the way he talks about the rock-snake, the old man's tone is gentle. He's got a soft spot for solid snakes. ]

His name's S2. [ He lifts up the Pokeball in his hand. ] And this... An old friend. [ He nods into the video feed, a little look of sadness visible in those eyes. ] Thanks, Heather.

[ooc: for reference, S2 is currently about the length of a meter stick when he's stretched out.]
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[ Well, this was certainly something. There were a ton of Stantler racing about and Snake wasn't entirely sure where they'd all come from, but it had been non-stop for a few days now. ]

When the hell are these things going to buzz off?

[ He'd tried to catch a few, but Boss was only level 8 and barely a match for the rampaging Stantler, which made the soldier regret not training him more. Flipping open the Gear, Snake started a call to the network. ]

I hope people are having better luck catching these damn things than I am.

[ Snake was about to continue, when he couldn't help but look up and... ]

... Are you kidding me.


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